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About us

Adrenals.eu is the international hub for information on and products for adrenal gland patients, carers, pediatric endocrinologists and healthcare practitioners.

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Basic information


Basic information on causes, diagnoses, consequences and treatment of adrenal disorders made available by AdrenalNET / BijnierNET.

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This app puts the most important information about your adrenal disorder at your fingertips: The helping hand in your smartphone.

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AdrenalNET has made animations to explain different adrenal gland related subjects.

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Emergency card

AdrenalNET initiated the standardization of European emergency cards. You can now order or download a set of cards.

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AdrenalNET initiated the creation of a set of information posters to inform patients. Order the poster now.

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Seat belt covers

AdrenalNET initiated the creation of a Seat Belt Cover where patients can keep their medical records. Order the cover now.

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SOS Adrenal crisis

In case of Adrenal glands diseases, stress can develop in any situation where extra demands, either physical or mental, are made on a person. Adequate response to an acute adrenal insufficiency saves lives.

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Diseases of the adrenal glands are complex diseases. It is not strange that you have to learn a lot about the disease in order to understand what is happening to you. We help you to explain it using visual infographics with relatively simple texts on the diseases..

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Stress instructions


Guidelines for taking hydrocortisone to prevent an Addison crisis

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