About us

Adrenals.eu is an initiative of BijnierNET (AdrenalNET), a Dutch initiative. We are available for all patients with adrenal disorders (adults, children and their parents) as well as for their partners and carers and for their healthcare providers, such as general practitioners (GP’s), endocrinologists, pediatric endocrinologists and nursing specialists.
Our objectives are to ensure better diagnosis (timely and accurate) with better care in emergency situations and, last but not least, a better quality of specialised care for chronic disorders (co-management, quality standards).
More info :  http://www.bijniernet.nl/other-languages/english/

The initiative started in the Netherlands, but we need to take a wider view. Borders are not in the patients’ interest! We therefore seek international cooperation for AdrenalNET.


The mission of the European platform AdrenalNET is to help adrenal gland patients, carers and healthcare practitioners all over Europe find reliable and accessible information (both scientific and general), and to offer a secure platform for the exchange of information so that together they can improve the care provided, from the diagnosis itself to the scheduling of care, all with a view to reinforcing the patient’s management of his or her own life.

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