The World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations – WAPO

logo (wapo)Adrenal diseases are sometimes related to the malfunction of the pituitary.  Please read our information on Cushing’s syndromeWe suggest to consult our animation “the pituitary gland explained!” and to watch the animation HPA axis = hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis animation (Dutch only, English soon to come..)

Many national patient advocates and groups dealing with pituitary diseases like Acromegaly and Cushing’s Disease work together Internationally in the Umbrella organization WAPO. Their goal is to share best practices, assist in the start-up stages of patient organizations, translate information and provide every patient organization the same – validated – information on their pituitary diseases.
WAPO started at an annual meeting in 2012, sponsored by Novartis, and started an independent organization on October 19th, 2014. From this moment on, the Steering Committee worked together during weekly teleconferences to work on the by laws, and the organization of a WAPO Summit. WAPO was founded as an official entity in April 2016, with a Board of eight people from different countries and patient organizations.

WAPO intends to organize an annual Summit where we can meet face-to-face with all patient advocates as well as key note speakers and sponsors to discuss and prepare a plan for the following year.


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